Contract manufacturing for international drug markets, food supplements and cosmetics
Laboratory analysis
Laboratory equipped for qualitative and quantitative analysis in the service of pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, food industry, institutions etc.
Cannabinoid extraction and purification
CO2 extraction and purification of cannabinoids

Distribution of Medicaments

International distribution of drugs and active ingredients
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MoonPharm was born in 2018 in Grono. It has an analytical laboratory and a production laboratory where medicines, food supplements and cosmetic products are made.

L’obbiettivo principale dell’azienda è quello di fornire The main objective of the company is to supply top quality products: from the origin to the final consumer.

Tutte le materie prime vengono acquistate da aziende certiAll the raw materials are purchased by GMP certified companies in order to guarantee the highest possible quality standard for the products used.

Dietro la formulazione di ogni prodotto c’è un’attenta analisi per garantire al consumatore un dosaggio corretto ed una formulazione atta a sfruttare nel maggiBehind the formulation of each product there is a careful analysis to guarantee the consumer a correct dosage and a formulation able to exploit the combination of components in the most possible way.





MoonPharm aims to provide the consumer with an excellent quality product that is well formulated, using extracts with the highest percentage of active substance, thus reducing the volume of the formulation and improving compliance.

L’azienda ruota attorno ad un sistema di qualità ben strutturato chThe company revolves around a well-structured quality system that aims at fulfilling the production of its products according to the GMP system.