Our production area allows us to produce tablets, capsules, liquid and semi-solid solutions.
MoonPharm manufactures pharmaceuticals, food supplements and cosmetic products in accordance with the various legal guidelines.
In addition to in-house production, we can also fulfill external requests and produce for other companies.


Product quality is a priority at MoonPharm
This is done by:
Selection and use of selected raw materials.
A production method according to GMP and SwissMedic.
By specific qualitative and quantitative analyzes according to the European Pharmacopoeia in force.
MoonPharm guarantees the quality of its products:
By purchasing raw materials only from qualified suppliers and with GMP and / or ISO certification.
Storage of raw materials in a suitable place that is properly controlled and protected from sources of heat and moisture.
Inspection and evaluation of all batches of all raw materials upon receipt, whereby the analyzes prescribed in the specific monographs of the European Pharmacopoeia in force are carried out by GMP and ISO-certified laboratories.
If necessary, overdose the ingredients to make sure that the amount of the active ingredient at the expiry date is what the label says.

At half-past eight the door opened, the policeman appeared, and, requesting them to follow him, led the way to an adjoining hallUtilizzando eccipienti di origine naturale e/o vegetale.
Use of auxiliaries of natural and / or vegetable origin.
Use of certified equipment to comply with GMP standards.
Production in environments where air humidity and temperature are constantly checked.
Packaging of the products immediately at the end of production so that the oxidation does not alternate with the quality.
Carrying out the tests prescribed by the European Pharmacopoeia in force before the release of the products in order to ensure a complete correspondence between the information on the label and the actual information in the products placed on the market.
Packaging in bottles that meet the requirements of the pharmacopoeia.
Periodic review of ingredients to ensure their effectiveness by the expiration date.
Ensuring complete traceability, starting with the receipt of every batch of raw materials through to delivery of the products to the point of sale in accordance with GMP standards.