MoonPharm manages this area through the use of qualified, passionate and capable employees who are always looking for innovative products that are suitable for improving the well-being of people. In addition, we work with universities and formulate our products based on the data in the literature. It is based on the analysis of tangible and verified results.

MoonPharm would like to offer products that are characterized by high quality. This is done through the use of analytical methods recognized by the official European Pharmacopoeia, the analysis of the chemical and vegetable properties of the raw materials used, the microbiological analysis of the products and the use of stability tests.

The company is currently active in two areas of research, one of which involves the use of some extracts of cannabis sativa for different purposes, based on information in the international medical literature.

Marijuana and cannabis oil bottles isolated


MoonPharm sta dedicando inoltre particolare attenzione ai cannabinoidi, in particolare CBD, CBG e THMoonPharm is also paying particular attention to cannabinoids, particularly CBD, CBG and THC.